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Copyright (C) 2021 by Mark Damon Hughes


Permission is granted to copy this disk
in its entirety.
Turbo Basic XL by Frank Ostrowski, 1985
Insert the disk, disable BASIC, reset.

Tested on: Atari800MacX

A simple launcher, doc & source reader
will autoload.
To disable autorun:
  binary load TBASIC.COM
Full explanation of the source & pre-
processor are on my blog:


NanoRogue is an extremely limited vari-
ation on Rogue. All that remains is one
level of random walls and floors, with
treasure chests, Rats, Zombies, & fear-
some Dragons!

. Floor            R Rat (1 HP)
# Wall             Z Zombie (9 HP)
> Stairs Down      D Dragon (21 HP)
@ Player           $ Chest (1-20 GP)

Below the map, you will see your stats:
H: Hit Points, at 0 you die
L: Level, increasing power/max HP
G: Gold Pieces accumulated
DIFF: Difficulty factor 1-4

When Gold exceeds Level x 10, you Level
Up, increasing Level and HP.

You move with the WASD keys. Edges are
warps to the other side, if unoccupied.
Moving into a monster will fight it;
you and it lose the same number of HP,
and whoever had the least dies. You get
Gold equal to its HP if you survive!

You can hit Q to Quit, which kills you.

Objective is to achieve the highest
Level and Gold.

You can go to a new dungeon floor by
entering stairs > which may also incr-
ease difficulty.

Have fun!


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nanorog2.1.zip 200 kB


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Updated version 2.1 to have a difficulty level! Try playing on 1 or 2 at start, it’ll increase when you go down stairs.