Eldritch Player, Room, Doorway, Item. Doorways have an optional proc to call when entered. Main loop, based on marklib and `mainmenu` template.

I have a pretty robust library already, and scavenged my command-processor mainmenu to get a loop and 2-word parser; I don't know if I need a better parser yet, it may not be relevant to the kind of game this is.

I'd prefer to build everything in modules, but Chicken at least doesn't let me do forward references, so it's all source-including.

Text output needs word-wrapping and pagination, very very low priority on that.

There's only 2 more rooms not visible in the first screenshot, I'm starting to draw out the map but will only be adding rooms as I need features.

Probably have a playable Mac demo after this weekend. Linux & Windows depend on cross-compiling, or let-them-eat-source, so that'll be at the very end.

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