Most of the starter town is now implemented, including a (clever? annoying?) maze, and a couple of items. The entire 2nd-4th chapters aren't done yet, there's just a single victory/game over room. Text adventures are real writing, you can't write a novel in a week!

I didn't get a beta out earlier this week, and I was hoping to do cross-platform compiles, but that didn't happen in my inadequate spare time.

So this is just a text terminal game right now. There's a lot of deployment questions about that. On Mac, I know how (but haven't had time) to set up a Terminal cmd with all the right settings so it launches cleanly like any other .app. What's the right thing to ship on Linux or Windows? I can assume Linux users know where a command line is. But do Windows even have an end-user-launchable terminal anymore?

Technically, it's not as basic as you might think. I was originally going to save procedures to disk, but that introduced a ton of problems if they got re-loaded in a different version; so now they just call procedures by name, which is easy to do in Scheme, but means there's a full Scheme interpreter in the app. Serializing user data was a little more involved, since srfi extensions like hash-table often don't know how to serialize themselves.

I solved the problem of room-specific events by just hijacking the parser. So I can make a room do *anything* to you, but the two-word dumb parser is here to stay.

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Apr 29, 2019

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